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10 years of premises that make sense and comfortable work environments


On September 10, 2022, it was exactly 10 years since LogisTila Ltd. was registered in the trade register. In honor of the celebration, the three founders of the company went over how it all started and how it got to this point.

The first ideas for a new company were sown during a product development course, where Rauno Nurmi and Hannu Kolmonen met for the first time. At that time, Hannu was the CEO of Suomen Palvelutekijät Ltd. and he offered development consulting to long-term real estate experts.

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– I made Rauno and Veikko Lahtinen an offer they couldn't refuse. Through that project, the planning of our joint development started, which eventually gave birth to LogisTila. After the development project, Rauno asked me if I might be interested in a partnership and I replied that you had to pay for this and not me, partner Hannu Kolmonen smiles.

The idea of ​​the new company was to combine Rauno's and Veikko's strong premises expertise and Hannu's strong logistics expertise and create a kind of joint marketplace for logistics and premises. This was also strongly reflected in the company's name.

– At the beginning, we thought that the operation was only connected to the logistics and management of these facilities, so we had a rather limited area of ​​operation. Rauno and I then had Suomen Toimitilahallinta Ltd., which managed all the other premises, says partner Veikko Lahtinen.

The company's base was located in Kerava at the time of its foundation. LogisTila operated in the premises until last June 2022, when the company moved to new premises in Aviapolis, Vantaa.

– Suomen Toimitilahallinta had an office on Jäspilänkatu. Hannu's Palvelutekijät Ltd. also later moved to the same premises, CEO Rauno Nurmi says.

From a hundred-ton company to a million-euro company

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The company was founded at the end of 2012, but in practice the first deals only started to be made in 2013. Starting the operation and the first years were challenging.

– The turnover development was really moderate. In the beginning, we worked alongside our own jobs. We did not invest so much in LogisTila that we would have been working full-time. We had also made the decision that we would not take a loan, but that all projects were done with income financing, Veikko states.

Despite the slow start, LogisTila wanted to invest in personnel right from the beginning. Bengt Lagerlöf joined as the first new employee. He came to the interview at Hannu's suggestion.

– Benkku attended our interview in June and we suggested that he would start in August. To this he stated that he will start immediately, Veikko laughs.

In addition to the sales side, they also wanted to invest in marketing, and the company hired its own marketing manager to build LogisTila's brand and support sales operations.

One of the biggest growth turning points is the merger of LogisTila and Suomen Toimitilahallinta. The decision to merge was made in 2016 and was implemented in 2017.

– The biggest thing for me in the history of LogisTila was the merger of Suomen Toimitilahallinta and LogisTila. It gave such a kick that this company can begin to develop more efficiently and indeed the operation took off strongly, Hannu informs.

As the company's operations developed, it was time to take a closer look at the premises market outside of Uusimaa as well and implement the expansion plans that had already been considered in 2012.

– First we established an office in Tampere and recruited Ulla Lyytinen as regional manager. After this, the Kuopio office joined and then Turku. Locality is very important to us and a clear strength, Rauno says.

Currently, LogisTila has its own regional offices in eight different provinces and each office has its own local regional manager. This guarantees that the company is able to serve its customers all over Finland as efficiently and customer-oriented as possible.

The company, which had achieved steady growth, broke the turnover of one million euros in the fiscal year ending in 2021.

– A company of a few hundred tons turned into a million-euro company. It felt really good, Veikko rejoices.

The corona pandemic, which started stronger in the spring of 2020 and shook the business premises market, did not hold back the growth either.

– I thought when the corona period was at its worst that we wouldn't be able to do any business then. However, the opposite happened and the turnover increased. It also says a lot about the self-control of our regions, Rauno continues.

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A bright future

LogisTila does not intend to rest on its laurels in the future, but will continue to develop operations with determination. A huge industry still has a lot of potential to grow.

– We have a company that wants to grow, and that drives our development forward all the time. Organic growth is key, i.e. recruiting, increasing resources and increasing turnover. It is the path that cannot be forgotten even one day. Hannu states.

The founding trio see LogisTila's future as very good. One of the most important enablers of growth is the staff, which has already grown to 17 employees.

– The expertise of our personnel is an essential part of the operation. Our team has a wide range of skills from different industries, Veikko says.

– Successful recruits have been a really nice thing. We have an atmosphere and openness at the highest level. I hope that the growth of our personnel will continue, Rauno continues.

The business premises market has not changed terribly in ten years, although many new marketing tools, brokers and foreign investors have entered the sector, for example

– This is still communication between people, but the tools have of course changed a bit, Veikko states.

Rauno, Veikko and Hannu feel that they still have a lot of enthusiasm to continue working on premises at LogisTila.

– It has been nice to work at LogisTila, although not everything has always gone as planned. There have been many happy moments. Yes, it's quite a shock when one of the three of us leaves that door for the last time. We have grown together so much in this business, Rauno smiles.

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