References / Customer story: Carlson owns high-quality business locations in Eastern Finland

Customer story: Carlson owns high-quality business locations in Eastern Finland


Carlson is a retail and wholesale company founded in 1859 with premises in several locations. The company owns tens of thousands of square meters of business space. LogisTila helps Carlson in the brokerage of premises.

Ltd. Carlson is a Finnish family business and one of Finland's best-known department store chains. The headquarters of the company, which operates especially in Eastern Finland, is the center of North Savo, Kuopio. The company currently employs around 300 employees.

– We are one of the oldest companies in the hardware store industry in Finland, which has later expanded into a large chain of department stores. Our selection includes products ranging from fashion clothes to home technology. We serve both consumer and professional customers, says Carlson CEO Mika Heiskanen.

Carlson, which turns 162 old this year, is proud of its traditions, but does not want to rest on its laurels, but also invests in the future.

– We want to be strongly connected to both the present and the future. For example, three years ago we founded an online store that serves the whole of Finland, Heiskanen states.

High-quality premises in several locations

Carlson currently has 11 locations in Finland. Outside of Eastern Finland, they have stores in the capital region in shopping center Jumbo and Redi. Sister company Halonen operates in 18 locations around Finland.

As a rule, Carlson operates in its own properties. In total, they own tens of thousands of square meters. From time to time, some of these spaces become available for rent or sale.

– Properties must be examined critically so that their cost effectiveness remains at a good level. As a result of the review, we have freed up a few good premises, informs Heiskanen.

Currently, Carlson has, among other things, high-quality premises for rent in Joensuu and Kuopio, as well as a versatile shopping center in Iisalmi for sale.

As a rule, Carlson does not rule out any potential tenant right away, but is happy to discuss the possibilities.

– When it comes to tenants, we are flexible and ready for dialogue. Let's look at the needs mapping together, states Heiskanen.

toimitusjohtaja Mika Heiskanen Carlson Oy

Success despite the challenges

LogisTila works as an intermediary partner for Carlson's premises. Cooperation with Carlson started about a year ago, when Heiskanen contacted LogisTila's North Savo area manager Timo Puustinen.

– We mapped our space needs and we had heard from our partner that we can get things done with LogisTila, says Heiskanen.

Both Carlson and LogisTila have been satisfied with the past year.

– Despite the challenges caused by corona, we have had successes. Our cooperation has worked well and we are constantly getting to know each other better, thanks Heiskanen.

– It has been great to work with Carlson, who everyone knows. Cooperation has been easy and effortless. For example, decision-making never drags on with them, area manager Puustinen continues.

LogisTila wants to continue the partnership that has started well in the future as well.

– We definitely want to deepen and expand our cooperation in the coming years. Carlson has a lot of interesting properties that are nice to work on, says Puustinen.

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