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Customer story: Eight properties changed hands in Central Finland


Keski-Suomen Yrityskiinteistöt Ltd. sold a total of eight properties in the Jyväskylä region to real estate investment company Sagax. LogisTila's Henri Kumpulainen acted as a advisor in the process.


The Swedish real estate investment company Sagax went on a property shopping spree in central Finland and acquired a total of eight properties for its portfolio. Two of the properties are located in Jyväskylä and six in Muurame.

The purchased properties are a good complement to Sagax's investment portfolio, which mostly includes production, industrial, warehouse and logistics properties.

– In addition to Jyväskylä, we invest on a large scale in these types of properties, especially in the capital region, Turku, Tampere and Oulu. In addition to Finland, we have properties in six different European countries, says Jaakko Vehanen, CEO of Sagax Finland.

The acquisition of properties in Central Finland also strongly supports Sagax's determined growth goal.

– Our goal is to grow by 15% per year. It is an aggressive goal for the investor, because if it is realized, it means doubling the portfolio every five years, Vehanen smiles.

The Jyväskylä region is an active growth center in Central Finland, where several real estate investors currently want to invest.

– Jyväskylä is a vibrant and growing economic region. Thanks to the university, there are a lot of educated young people there and it creates a good basis for the growth of the area. Our goal is to grow in such developing local markets, says Vehanen.

The seller of the deal was the local Keski-Suomen Yrityskiinteistöt Ltd., which builds, rents and maintains business properties in the Central Finland region.

– Our premises are mostly production, logistics and retial premises. Our clients are employing companies, says Juha Mutanen, CEO of Keski-Suomen Yrityskiinteistöt.

Two properties changed to eight

The real estate deal was given the go-ahead by LogisTila's Central Finland area manager Henri Kumpulainen. Kumpulainen initially presented two Jyväskylä properties to Sagax on behalf of Keski-Suomen Yrityskiinteistöt.

– We went to look at properties and became interested in them, but we found that they were too small for our investment criteria. Properties were then added to it through a couple of bends and we ended up with these eight properties, says Jaakko Vehanen.

Keski-Suomen Yrityskiinteistöt initially had no idea to sell real estate.

– The deals started due to the interest of the buyer. We weren't actively selling, but of course, when the right opportunity comes, deals are always possible, says Juha Mutanen.

Henri Kumpulainen played the role of an active advisor in the sales process and was a strong support for both the buyer and the seller.

– Henri was really pleasant and efficient. He was clearly interested in his client and it was easy to work with him. This deal is another step forward for us and speeds up our operations, Mutanen praises.

– In this case, Henri was an active part of the business and tried to move forward with a solution-oriented approach. All in all, a good guy, says Vehanen of Sagax.

In addition to the customers, LogisTila is also smiling because of the deal. For Henri Kumpulainen, who started at LogisTila about a year ago, the real estate transaction creates a great continuation of a business premises career that started well.

– The process was an interesting, positive and educational trip. Cooperation with both parties went well and it was pleasant to work with them, says Kumpulainen.

Even after the transaction, LogisTila will continue active cooperation with both operators. With Sagax, LogisTila works as a local partner in several different provinces in addition to Central Finland.

– The cooperation with LogisTila has worked really well and here at our end we hope that our cooperation will continue soon in the form of new projects, Vehanen informs.

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