References / Customer story: Real Estate Investor Konttinen Ltd. and LogisTila to cooperate - Kuopio's Mestarinkatu property was quickly filled

Customer story: Real Estate Investor Konttinen Ltd. and LogisTila to cooperate - Kuopio's Mestarinkatu property was quickly filled


Tenants were quickly found for the property owned by Real Estate Investor Konttinen Ltd. on Mestarinkatu in Kuopio, when LogisTila's Pohjois-Savo region manager Timo Puustinen took the premises to his agency.

The cooperation started smoothly with the CEO of the real estate investment company Jussi Konttinen. Konttinen also serves as the chairman of the board of construction company Maalaus ja saneeraus Konttinen Ltd. Company works with the repair and renovation of offices and public spaces in the North Savo region. Konttinen started running the family business in the second generation in the early 2000s.

– Now the company's operations are moving forward quite comfortably and after the incorporation last fall, I myself focus even more on real estate investment activities, says Konttinen.

Real estate investment company Konttinen owns the building where Maalaus ja saneeraus Konttinen Ltd. operates. The company uses about half of the building's premises and the rest of the premises are rented.

– The company operating in the property, Kuopion Kallio- ja Maanrakentajat Ltd., which performs demanding demolition and earthworks, had been a tenant in the property since it was built. However, the premises had become too small for them, and in order for them to be able to move to bigger premises, they had to acquire other tenants for their former premises, explains Konttinen.

That's when KKMR contacted LogisTila's Timo Puustinen, and they entered into an assignment agreement for acquiring new tenants.

– I knew a customer who was looking for a space where they would have a better logistical location than the current one, more warehouse space and more yard space. They had been looking for a suitable space for six months, but a suitable one had not yet been found. When I then offered them this space, it only took about a week for the contract to be signed, says Puustinen with satisfaction.

Kuopion Kallio- ja Maanrakentajat Oy:n Sanna Luostarinen on tyytyväinen saadessaan tilat vuokrattua.

The cooperation with the real estate investment company Konttinen thus began, and Konttinen also gave the adjacent space to Puustinen to pass on.

– I was then contacted by a company in the infrastructure and construction industry, which had an acute need for new premises. They initially inquired about some other premises, but it soon became clear that the property owned by Konttinen suited their needs even better. The company's acute need for space could thus be solved in a couple of weeks, and Konttinen was able to quickly get new tenants for the vacant premises, Puustinen says.

After these rentals, the building is full. The last tenants will move into their new premises in January.

In addition to the rentals on Mestarinkatu, cooperation has been made regarding the sale of the property on Yrittäjäntie, owned by Konttinen. The very first screen was a success and the property was sold record-breakingly fast in one week.

– Cooperation with Timo has gone well. I have been very satisfied, things have moved forward quickly, says Konttinen with satisfaction.

The intention is to further develop and deepen the cooperation between the companies in the future.

– In the coming year, the same rally will continue in the field of construction, and for my part, it is intended to move forward and refine this real estate investment activity. I expect from the cooperation that we will look for tenants for newly purchased or built properties as a group. The development of real estate in cooperation and actually any kind of cooperation quite openly is also possible, says Konttinen in conclusion.

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