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Customer story: The world situation changed CoverGlobal's space needs


CoverGlobal Ltd. moved from Klaukkala to Vantaa to new premises. LogisTila assisted the company in outlining space needs and the rental process.

Coverglobal Oy

CoverGlobal Ltd. is a Finnish family company operating since 1985, which develops and sells balcony and terrace glass systems. The company is an export company and operates around the world with its local partners.

– Cover representatives around the world sell and install our products to local customers. At CoverGlobal, we focus on product development and a comprehensive service package, to guarantee our customers high-quality products and first-class service in every situation, says Emmi Kyparissakos, CEO of CoverGlobal Ltd.

The acquisition of new premises became relevant for the company in the summer of last year. During the corona period, increased remote work and reduced personnel served as starting shots for the space search. The location in Klaukkala's wigs in the small industrial area also didn't feel natural anymore.

– We noticed that there were so many squares that even though there were people there, the spaces felt empty. The location was bad because the company's customers come from abroad and most of the employees live elsewhere than in Klaukkala, Kyparissakos sheds light on the reasons.

At first, CoverGlobal had the idea to rent a business space that, in addition to the office, has showrooms, storage space and overall more squares. With this idea, Kyparissakos also started looking for premises online.

– I found a suitable object online, which I then went to see with LogisTila's Hanna Temmes. The site didn't meet our needs, so Hanna and I started to think more actively about other options, says Kyparissakos.

Coverglobal Oy

The world situation changed a lot during the application process and with it also the space needs. Kyparissakos and Temmes visited several places. The site visits helped to clarify the company's ideas about optimal premises.

– Hanna really quickly took on the changing needs of the booth, even though I got the feeling that nothing would come of it when our space needs change all the time. In addition, the schedules created additional pressure because we had already terminated the contract for the old space, says Kyparissakos.

However, the hunt for premises finally had a happy ending, when premises suitable for the operation were found in a property owned by Sagax in the Tuupakka area of ​​Vantaa along Ring III. The move to the new premises was in mid-December. The space was divided in two by partition walls. In addition, a kitchen and a small surface renovation were made to the space.

– Hanna was very active and boldly proposed different options. At first I wondered if it was worth visiting this space, but Hanna saw our needs very well and knew how to think about how these spaces could be shaped to suit our activities. I have been very satisfied with the new premises, Kyparissakos praises.

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