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Real Estate Management

LogisTila tarjoaa manageerauspalveluita

LogisTila offers comprehensive real estate management services. The work is based on commercialism and flexibility. The goal of real estate management services is to increase the property's value and provide a good return for the property owner. Our tools are a high utilization rate and user satisfaction, as well as an agile response to the property owner's needs.

What is real estate management

Real estate management can include managing the entire real estate asset or real estate site and producing user services. The property owner benefits from the service in the form of increased income. The use of the property is enhanced when its affairs are in professional and commercial hands. At the same time, savings are achieved through the review and control of expenditure items. Real estate management also frees up the property owner's time for their core activities and reduces property-related risks.

Service tailored to you

LogisTila offers customized real estate management services for property owners. The service includes administrative and technical management, rental & sale, real estate evaluation, real estate development and operator activities. All services contribute to strengthening the property's profitability.

Examples of our services:

  • Administrative and technical hosting

  • Rental and sales services

  • Procurement and contract management

  • Financial management of the property

  • Informing

  • Project-based audits, such as energy management

  • Providing user services

The scope of the assignment and the division of responsibilities vary depending on the owner's own organization and resources. Operational goals and metrics are drawn up in cooperation with the customer. In LogisTila, the same contact person acts as the contact person for the property owner, service providers and tenants in the property.

We organize, plan, compete, buy, sell, rent, inform, monitor and report!

Why you should choose LogisTila's real management services?

When you choose the real estate management service from LogisTila, you can trust that the matters related to your premises are handled by professionals and you will receive a flexible and agile service. The customer-oriented service concept includes the fact that goals and measures are always agreed together with the customer. The re-renting of vacated premises becomes easier and faster and also administration, authority matters, real estate technology and other matters are handled nimbly.

Thanks to LogisTila's comprehensive business premises brokerage experience, we know real estate, real estate owners and, above all, real estate users. We base our real estate management on our strong commercialism, entrepreneurial approach to work, extensive regional coverage and the high level of service orientation of our personnel. LogisTila adds value by also offering real estate development services.

If you are interested in a truly commercial real estate management service, please contact us!

Manageeraus referenssi

"I would gladly recommend LogisTila's management service to other property owners as well. Their service makes the real estate owner's everyday life easier."

Karri Glasin, Sarakoivu Ltd.

Read how LogisTila's real estate management service makes the property owner's everyday life easier.



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